About me


Olivia Chapman Photography is servicing Clermont, FL and surrounding areas. Specializing in newborns, children, families, couples, weddings and any moment worth capturing, with the goal of making your memories as breathtaking and special to you as possible.

About me, I am a mom photographer. My beautiful children have been my inspiration; they have helped me realize the gifts God has given me. I have always loved photography and taking pictures of EVERYTHING, but it wasn’t until them that my obsession with “picture taking” became my passion for capturing lifelong memories. My children have shown me the world in a whole new light, and all the beauty that I was missing out on before. They have taught me that it’s not the quantity of photos that I take, it’s about the quality of the moments captured.

I have a background in Computer Engineering and use my past knowledge and expertise to take a beautiful snapshot of a memory and turn it into art that you will cherish for a lifetime.

I will continue growing my skills with every shot I take and every edit I make, educating myself so that I can perfect the moments I capture. I look forward to continuing to capture every moment in the lives of my children, as well as my clients that invite me into their lives.